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Master Pile Pvc-u polymer

Masterpile specialise in the manufacture of rot and maintenance free construction materials for bank and ground stabilisation, and general landscaping.

All products are made using 100% recycled plastics and manufactured in the UK, helping to reduce landfill and contributing to a reduction in the carbon footprint of your project, whilst offering a viable and environmentally friendly alternative to traditional materials such as wood, metal and concrete.

  • Master Pile

    Sheet Piling, 315 mm wide, 5mm thick, lengths to suit, for small to medium load bank retention and peat land conservation ditch blocking.

recycled pilings

What is Masterpile?

MASTER PILE is a lightweight and immensely durable pile that has practical applications in many varied locations.

Manufactured using recycled PVC-U polymer, MASTER PILE offers an environmentally acceptable and long lasting solution for bank protection, ground containment and management control. It is designed for use as the sole project material or to be interlocked with steel sections.