Master Edge

MasterEdge is a strong, sustainable garden edging that is just as easy to work with as wood, is rot-proof, and is completely environmentally friendly, being made from 100% recycled Plastics.

MasterEdge offer a flexible solution for all types of edging in the garden or public spaces. From lawn, border, garden path, vegetable garden, herb garden to sandbox or pond edging.

The MasterEdge is a recycled plastic edging, with a difference, whether it’s edging for a pond, lawn or vegetable garden,. it can be installed into gentle curves and is rigid enough to be hammered into position, often with minimal excavation and cut and screwed into position with conventional screws and hand saws. A brief overview of your pond construction will be to :-

  • Excavate your pond area, drive in the plastic pegs at pond extremities and screw the edging into place
  • Lay the base protective membrane over the edging, followed by the pond liner, ensure it comes over the top of the edging, finish neatly and back fill