Master Pile

MASTER PILE is a lightweight and immensely durable pile that has practical applications in many varied locations.

Manufactured using 100% recycled plastic PVC-U polymer, MASTER PILE offers an environmentally acceptable and long lasting solution for bank protection, ground containment and water level management control.

It is designed for use as the sole project material or to be interlocked with L8 steel sheet piling sections.

  • Peatland Restoration

    MASTERPILE is used for ditch blocking and is particularly useful in deep drainage channels and fast following water courses, where peat bunds will not work, by slowing water down, raising water table levels and creating an environment for sediment to settle and peat to form

  • SUDS Ponds - Flood Water Management

    MASTERPILE is used to create water tight boundaries and stable banking in SUDS pond designs. It can also be cored out for water inlet and outflow pipework, to meet your water flow management designs

  • Water Table Management

    MASTERPILE – can be driven deep into the ground to create below ground level water walls, these have applications in canal and river water leakage projects, helping to reduce water migration to surrounding land and controlling water levels in wetland management

  • Flood Water Bunding

    MASTERPILE – is used to form sheet piling walls, both above and below ground, helping flood water to be controlled and diverted, in surface flooding and as the water table rises in flood situations

  • Lake & Pond Bank Retention

    MASTERPILE has traditionally been used in bank retention systems, providing bank stabilisation and water retention solutions

If you’re looking for a reliable and cost-effective solution for your piling needs, Masterpile is an excellent choice.

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