The 100% recycled plastic - worm - Water Drainage Blocx

The fast and efficient way to control and manage surface rain water run off offering superior surface and sub-surface water management solutions with the environment at it’s heart.

What are MasterBlocx® Panels?

MasterBlocx® permeable plastic panels are manufactured from 100% recycled plastics, created in the UK and engineered to be non-clogging, slip reducing, robust, tolerant of UV and long lasting, they are the ultimate recycled water drainage product.

MasterBlocx® permeable plastic panels are composed of endless strands of fully processed recycled plastics, welded together to form a much stronger structure.

MasterBlocx® Panel Size - The standard width is 400mm x 1000 mm long, which lends itself to cover large areas quickly, ensuring faster surface installation.

A Ground-Breaking New Material

MasterBlocx® is an exceptionally porous, high strength plastic that can filter and direct the flow of water, using surface tension unique to the product. MasterBlocx® maintains permeability and does not clog up with silt due to the unique vortex movement of the water as it flows through the spaces between the worms, thus requires minimal post installation maintenance and can easily be added to or reused as part of any future site developments.

MasterBlocx® – a superior water management and drainage solution


Significantly Reduce Your Construction Time, Labour and Costs

The MasterBlocx® is lightweight and versatile, making it a great choice for any size of water management and drainage construction project or infrastructure development.

It's a water management product and drainage solution which aims to reduce your costs and minimise the risk of encountering delays during construction, a time saving alternative to conventional drainage products and designs.

  • Lightweight, compact, easy to store and manually transport.
  • No requirement for large trenches, gravel, sand, aggregate, fittings or fabric barriers.
  • Minimise ground disturbance and excavation of your site.
  • A compact labour force with lighter equipment are able to rapidly complete water management phases of your construction with greater efficiency.
  • Eradicate sand migration into pipes.
  • No more gravel on the fairway, on the green or in the bunker.
  • Installation is quick, clean and simple.
  • Around 75% lighter than aggregate drainage mediums.
  • can be reused if the area is modified or re-constructed.

MasterBlocx® combats the common problems of conventional drainage:

  • Settlement
  • Compaction
  • Infiltration
  • Migration
  • Drying out

Potential Landscaping Applications:

  • Flood alleviaton and surface water control
  • Main drains
  • Path edging
  • Sports pitches – Cricket, Rugby, Football, Bowls
  • Golf - driving ranges, greens, bunkers, fairways, tees

Why MasterBlocx® Panels?

Environmental Impact

The environmental impact of plastic waste is widely understood with single use plastics being the biggest problem. Progress has been made in the recycling of single polymer waste streams, but little made with mixed plastic packaging as it is generally more difficult or often impossible to commercially separate.

MasterBlocx® uses these mixed plastics allowing for a greater range of historically unusable plastic waste streams to be processed and used.

It is our policy only to use recycled plastics in the production of MasterBlocx permeable products.

The production process, currently undergoing world-wide patent protection, utilises the plastics currently challenging the recycling industry, creating robust, stable and usable construction materials, the Masterblocx® panels.